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Široké, a village on the foot of the mountain Branisko. Široké (25.79 km² and 2475 inhabitants) lies on the earsten foot of the Branisko at the border to the districts of Šariš and Spiš. The village was first mentioned by historic sources in 1320; well-developed infrastrukture and flourishing business activities. Široké became known nationwide through the construction of the first road tunnel at the Branisko. In Široké you can see two sun dials, in the Church of St.Nicolas you find a memorial slab commemorating Bishop Širokay (1487). There are many opportunities for hiking and biking in the surroundings. 

Country: Slovakia
Region: Šariš
District: Prešov
Elevation: 514 m (1,686 ft)
Coordinates: 49° 0′ 0″ N, 20° 56′ 0″ E
Google view: here
Area: 25,8 km2
Population: 2475 (1/2018)
Density: 95 / km2

Obecný úrad Široké
Široké 118
08237 Široké
Mayor: Ing. Stanislav Bartoš
website: www.siroke.sk
e-mail: obec@siroke.sk
phone n.: +421 051 7911 102
postal code: 082 37
area code: +421 051